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Nil Safont, born in Berga (Barcelona) in 1995 and graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. His initial inspirations and references have been painters of the modern era such as Sorolla, Ramon Casas, Emile Friant or Anders Zorn.

At the age of 12, he instinctively began to delve into the universe of urban art. He works focusing on a representative view of the social aspects that he considers significant, through a neo-impressionist prism.


His name has been present, both nationally and internationally, in the sector's panorama since 2017. He is co-founder and member of @ malpais.malpais, a polyhedral OFF SPACE focused on artistic production with a large exhibition space and annual programming in Barcelona.


Muralist and painter, mainly interested in urban art and interventions in public space, his work consists of large-format paintings that use the walls of the streets as canvases. He works on themes closely linked to the different daily lives that he discovers in each social context where he has to work and is interested in a realistic mural with communicative intentions that can be representative and mainly identify the closest social environment to each space where he develops his work. Apart from the creation of murals and his participation in various Urban Art projects internationally, he has begun to produce oil paintings and involve his work in other artistic circuits such as exhibitions or shows, both with art galleries and with more alternative exhibition spaces.


2017, April / GarGarFestival, rural art and muralism. (Penelles, Spain).

2018, September / LimitFestival. Curated by Jofre Oliveras. (Avià, Spain).

2018, December / Corefestival. Curated by Arcadi Poch. (Santa Coloma de Gramanet, Spain).

2019, April / Carlsbad Art Wall. Curated by Snyder Art. (San Diego, California).

2019, April / The Container Yard. Live painting in the gallery. (Los Angeles, USA).

2019, May /East Village Walls. Curated by Ben L. ( NewYork City, USA).  

2019, May / Flint Public Art Project. Curated by Buckham gallery and Joe Schipani. ( Michigan, USA).

2019, June / Poligon Cultural. Curated by Dario Cobacho. (Tarragona, Spain).

2019, July / Festival della Resilienza. Curated by Propositivo. (Sardinia, Italy)

2019, August / Urban Morphogenesis. (Moscow, Russia).  

2019, September / Underground Effect Urban Art Festival. Curated by Projet Saato. ( Paris, France).

2019, December / Urban Myths Festival. ( Minsk, Belarus).

2020, January / Wallin 9000 Project. Curated by Rick Molyneux. (Gent, Belgium).

2020, August / GarGarFestival, rural art and muralism. (Penelles, Spain).

2020, August  / Gulia Urbana Festival. (Calabria, Italia).

2020, September / Festival Asalto. (Zaragoza, Spain).

2020, November / Muralfest Kosovo. (Kamenica, Kosovo).

2020, November / Memorie Urbane. (Terracina, Italy).

2020, December / Polinizados. (Valencia, Spain).

2021, June  / Gulia Urbana Festival. (Calabria, Italy).

2021, June / Muralfest Kosovo. (Ferizaj, Kosovo).

2021, July / Formas Efemeras.  ( Fundao, Portugal).

2021, July / Cromatico Festival Cambre.  (Galicia, Spain).

2021, August / Streetart Boulogne Sur Mer.  (Boulogne Sur Mer, France).

2021, September / Progetto TRUST. (Taranto, Italy).

2022, May / Gulia Urbana. (Calabria, Italia).

2022, June / NUART FESTIVAL. (Aberdeen,Scotland).

2022, June / Street Art Fest Grenoble. (Grenoble Alpes, France).

2022, June/ Murmuro festival. (Aragon, Spain).

2022, July /MIAU Fanzara. (Fanzara, Spain).

2022,July / Festival Inspire. (Moncton, Canada).

2022, August/ Fazunchar. Mistaker Maker. (Figueiró Dos Vinhos, Portugal).

2022, August/ Inspire festival. Olivier Landes. (Villers-Écalles, France). 

2022, September/ Lucefest. (Calabria, Italy).

2022, September/ Guliaurbana. (Calabria, Italy).

2022. October/ Futuratudela. (Tudela, Spain).

2022, October/ 23700. (Linares, Spain).

2022, November/ Seis de doce. (Tenerife, Spain).


2016 September - 2017 February / Group show in Paranimf gallery. (Barcelona, Spain).
2018 June - 2018 September / "CREENÇA" ,VOID PROJECTS. Exhibition and artistic residency at KonventPuntzero. Curated by Axel Void (Cal Rosal, Spain).
2018 September / Group show MTN Gallery. VOID PROJECTS, CREENÇA. Curated by Axel Void. (Barcelona, Spain).
2019 March - 2019 April / Artistic Residence House Of Trestles. Street Artist in Residence program. Curated by Julie Faith. (California, USA).

2020 July - 2020 November / Group show in exhibition space from Gargarfestival. (Penelles, Spain).

2020 November - 2021 January / Group show in B-murals space gallery. (Barcelona, Spain).

2021 October - 2022 January / Exhibition and auction in Sotheby's in collaboration with Burning Man project. Boundless Space… The Possibilities of Burning Man. (New York City, USA).

2022, March-April / Solo exhibition GCAgallery. (Paris, France).

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